Here There Be Dragons - Faith

June 19, 2018

If Paul's assertion that Faith, Hope and Love are all that we have left, what does it mean to have faith?  What should our faith be in?  Jesus gives us a surprising answer, and an answer that changes how we interact with the rest of the world.  


Jesus and the Story of the Unmerciful Statement

May 24, 2018

So many stories of Jesus get lost in translation. Although we are talking about forgiveness, maybe we will see it in a different light after the story.


Stories Jesus Told - Who Supported Jesus’ Ministry

May 16, 2018

Who picked up the check when Jesus and his crew (the actual greek word is "posse") sat down and ate? Who bankrolled these people roaming through Galilee? It was women, and some very interesting ones at that. This mothers day come hear how liberating and different Jesus' kingdom was from that of Herods.


Stories Jesus Told - Washing Feet

April 24, 2018

Jesus comes to us with a story about a certain kind of Kingdom - a kingdom that's made up of a certain kind of people.  The story of the feet washing is a story of how we become that kind of people, and why it's important that we do.  


Stories Jesus Told - the New Israel

April 10, 2018

We're used to the stories that Jesus taught, but what about the story that Jesus lived out?  How were the actions of Jesus a kind of story that he lived as well, and how can we be careful about the stories our lives our telling?


Easter Sunday 2018

April 3, 2018

What does resurrection and new life look like for us? 


Our Insecurities Hinder our Prayers

March 26, 2018

When we imagine God as the angry father, or the disappointed authority figure, of course we are afraid to go to him in prayer.  How can we move towards knowing God as faithful and loving, and then pray like he is? 


Making Prayer Something We Value

February 26, 2018

Our lives run a gammut of responsibilities - how do we fit prayer in, or more importantly, come to see prayer as something powerful and valuable and worth fighting for the time for? 


God in the Chaos

January 8, 2018

Ancient Israel formed and molded it's creation story around the chaos they experienced in the destruction of Jerusalem and their exile.  What does what they believed - and what Genesis teaches - about God's role in creation have to do with the ordering of our lives today, and how do we move into the chaos that's so unsettling.